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Single mum dating

The best single mum dating site in the UK

When it comes to looking for the best online single mum dating site there can be a lot of choice. You only need to perform a search in Google to see exactly how much is out there for you to consider. It can be frustrating as seeing so many results can actually put you off, sometimes you just want a result to shout at you, that it’s the right one for you. Well hopefully after navigating around our website you can put your trust into and be confident that we are the best in the UK at setting up successful and happy relationships that start from a single date.

We are here to help you get results

We are in the business of getting you the results you want. Whatever your reasons for joining our single mummy date site we want to do our best to make sure you leave happy, and in a relationship status that you arrived on our site looking for. Every month we hear of successful couples that leave the security and comfort of our dating platform because they have found a strong bond with someone that they want to explore offline. This is the best news we could expect, it shows that our website and our mission is working, and this is exactly the motivation that keeps pushing us to improve our service and give more singles the chances of finding their new partner.

Single mothers can be in a fragile situation

We wanted to take this time to pass on some friendly and knowledgeable advice regarding the situation and mental state that a single mother can sometimes find herself in. It’s important to remember that just because she is using an online dating site does not mean her commitments to her children and family will not come first. Sometimes our male members can forget this, especially if they do not have kids of their own. Try not to be too forceful or pushy, if you find you are waiting a while to get a reply there is probably a good reason for it. Our final piece of advice would be to try to stay understanding and compassionate when encountering mums that might come across a bit brash. They might just be going through a momentarily tough time, so give them space and they’ll come back to you when they are ready.

How to approach a member for the best success

When it comes to using our platform we have a few tips on getting the most out of approaching potential new matches, and knowing how to act to get you the most amounts of dates with mummies. It’s always important to go into any new conversation with an open mind, and try to keep the first few messages quite light, whether this is through the one2one messaging system, or the instant chat box. Try and open with a question, or talk about something you read on their profile, this shows that you have taken the effort to get to know them before sending them a message. This should give you big brownie points. When it comes to asking to meet up, suggest somewhere local, like a coffee shop or nice bar, being in a public are will help make things feel less intense and not so awkward.

Use our parent dating site on the go

Because we understand the pressures and stresses a single parent might be under in their day to day life, we have made our website completely compatible with smart mobile phones, and tablets. These work really well at allowing you to continue all your dating activity on our site, from wherever you are in a day. So if you’ve got to take the kids to the swimming pool, and you find yourself sat on the sidelines with not much to do, you’ve just found an ideal time to check the latest message from that hot guy who only lives a few miles away. This also allows you to keep your time on our site private, not that we are suggesting there is anything to be ashamed of by using a dating site like this, but we understand if you have just come out of a relationship, or maybe not ready to admit you are looking for one, being able to manage your dating profile and experience from a personal phone or tablet is a huge bonus for lots of our members.

The kind of people you could meet

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