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Hi there. Welcome to - a single parent dating site based in the UK, to help dads and guys find yummy mummies for socialising, dating and romance. Our site has been established for over 5 years now, and during this time we have acquired a community of members that reaches just over 1 million. Our strengths and achievements come from our passion and determination to create the best possible dating experience for all our members. We love to hear of all the successful relationships that happen from members who join up not knowing what to expect, and leave after finding that special someone to take the place of not just a partner, but also a father. We hope you enjoy using our website and meeting the community of singles we have available. If you have any further questions or concerns before trying our site for free, please drop us a message or contact our friendly support team on our free phone UK number.

What is a yummy mummy?

This is a tricky subject, as mums and guys have very much conflicting opinions when it comes to explaining what a yummy mummy is to them. So rather than try and angle our answer towards one sex, in particular, we will give you a broad spectrum of ideas that might help answer this question. A yummy-mummy is always first and foremost a mum, whether that’s to one child or several, she puts her family before herself, always. She is a wizard in the kitchen and a saint with the cleaning and day to day activities of parenthood. She is strong minded, determined and never gives up in the face of a challenge, she is as bold and fiery as she is calm, cool and collected. She is also stylish, classy and takes time to look after herself and her appearance. She is the type of mum you would hear friends say, ‘what a MILF’ about. She enjoys sex and is a very passionate person who likes her lover to be outgoing and explorative. She is all these things, and much, much more.

Chat to mummies online, meet them for a date offline

Our dating platform is perfect for helping you chat to single mothers who are online and looking to meet new partners in the UK. There are two ways you can talk to mummies, either by sending them a private message using our built in one-to-one messaging service, or through the real time chat box that can be opened up between you and any member that is also online. Depending on what type of conversation you want to be having, will very much dictate which method you will use. If you are confident with your ability to keep conversation flowing through instant messaging, then you might as well opt for having a conversation in real-time, after all this is going to be the closest thing to speaking in real life as it will flow similar to an offline discussion. However if you don’t have the time, and are lacking the confidence to be able to entertain a potential mum all in one conversation, opt for the messaging service. This will give you time to think of you reply and also gage what kind of person this member is, giving you more understanding will help you get better at having real-time conversations with them when you are ready.

How to get the most out of this single parent site

We are in the business of success, and that means getting all our members the results and rewards they want from this site. However we can’t always be here to hold your hand through every situation you find yourself in, but we can offer you some guidance and helpful advice to put you in a position where you are getting the most out of

Be open minded and considerate
Add photos to your profile
Write a description about yourself
Fill in your hobbies and interests
Stay polite and friendly
Remain active and engaged using our mobile site
Be patient and understanding with a single mothers commitment
Try our free trial membership to see if you like our site
Meet up with as many yummy mummies as you can for maximum results.

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