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Finding a single mum is easy when you know where to look

When you decide that you want to get back into the dating game there are generally two options you can take to find single mums. The first is trying to meet offline, either through friends, or social events in your local area. These are great things to go to, but the only problem is that you might not find exactly the type of partner you are looking for. The second option is to sign up to an online dating site like, – our site does exactly what it suggests, we want to make it completely easy and fun to find single mothers who are looking to introduce a new partner into both lives, and their children(s) life. We understand that it can be a testing time being a lonely parent, so we have tried to make our site an open, friendly and welcoming place to be. You can feel confident that you will surround yourself with likeminded adults who like you, are also looking to meet on the same level.

Browse members using our advanced search tool

One area that we always get great feedback from our members is the advanced search tool we offer them to make accurate and detailed searches to help them find their perfect matches. This tool is available to anyone who joins our site with a premium membership, and can be found by navigation to the search button on the left or top of your profile navigation. Once you select this tool you have tons of options to help filter out the huge selection of members available to you.

The first thing to do is to ensure that you have added your postcode to your profile, as this will allow you to search locally within a certain mile radius from your location. If you haven’t, it’s not the end of the world, as you can always write where you live into the search box, to bring up your town or city. Depending on how many results you want to see, slide the mile radius bar from 5 miles to 150 miles to bring up members within that distance from you. Then click the filters on the left-hand side to start getting really detailed about who you want to see appear in front of you. If you are looking for a yummy mummy with brown hair, pretty green eyes, short, curvy and likes table tennis, here is the place to put in all those filters. You can get incredibly detailed here, but remember, that the more specific you refine your search to, the more members you will be cutting out from seeing. So if you are looking for a pirate who loves fishing and eating out at TGI Fridays, you might need to keep increasing your search radius until you find her.

Find local mums all over the UK

So far our site has attracted over 1 million members up and down the UK. A huge amount considering that we cater for just single parents. But then again, it’s not all that shocking when you take into account that being a single parent is on the rise. As unfortunate as it is for the parents who separate the real heartbreak falls onto the kids. They have no say in the situation, and have to get used to now seeing mummy and daddy separately. However, not all break-ups are bad things; sometimes they are necessary to bring more happiness in the future. Thankfully this is why we are here, our parent dating site has been setup for helping mums and dads with finding their new partners in lif Find Single Mums

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