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Easy Mums

Welcome to the easiest single mum’s site to use in the UK

Hello and welcome to an online dating site that makes meeting single mums easy. We have built this website and brand to help single parents from all walks of life come together and find potential love or companionship. Finding romance for a single parent can be a very testing time, especially if you are having to raise a family of little ones all on your own. Between school runs, meal times and shopping, parents find little time to get out, socialise and meet people for dating and fun. Thast’s where we come in! We offer a place that makes dating easy mums.

Why our site is so easy to use

To ensure that every single mum, dad and adult over 18 has the best experience when using our dating website, we have made sure to make this site as easy to use as possible. That means we have developed absolutely everything you see and use here with parents in mind. From the look and design of our friendly interface, right down to easy navigation and dating tools we provide every member with. We work tirelessly to ensure that we are always adapting and changing this site to suit the needs and requirements of our audience, mums with kids. So whenever we decide that we do want to make a change, it’s to better their time here.

Single mothers looking for partners all over the UK

It’s a common misconception that single mothers are necessarily looking for fathers with their own children. Sometimes it can be refreshing and exciting for a mum to meet a man who does not have his own children, but is very happy and willing to be part of someone else’s. You would think it would make sense for two parents to seek each other out, but the added baggage of taking responsibility of another child, or children, can be such a huge commitment that it’s nice starting a fresh relationship with only having to concentrate, on that relationship. So if you are a guy with no family commitments and like the idea of meeting easy mums, then please do join up, we can guarantee you that we have just as many mums looking for dads, as we do looking for guys with no kids.

Tops tips for getting the most out of this site

If you do decide to use our parent date site then we have a few tips that will help you get the most out of your time here. Obviously you don’t have to abide by one or any of these, but for members we speak to who are struggling to get action on the site, we send them this list of things to try and improve their chances of successful meet-ups and relationships.

Add photos to our profile, having just 1 photo will improve your chances of receiving a message by 60%!

Add a description of yourself. Say a little bit about you, what you are after on the site, and maybe a bit about your children if you have any.

Make sure you to add your interests and hobbies, this is a great way to ensure that when people filter their search results you are coming up as possible matches.

Try and stay active and engaged on a regular basis. Don’t forget you can use our site on your ipad or smartphone for on the go dating.

Stay friendly and be yourself. If you want to message someone maybe start with a question, or write something you noticed from looking at that members profile.

If you are a guy looking for a mum, remember to be patient and easy-going, you have to understand that her child will come first.

We value your privacy and security

Deciding to use an online dating service can be quite a huge decision, even more so when you are a single parent who has recently started feeling ready to meet someone new. Not everyone is ready to be completely open with their friends or family, and using a dating site can be a good introduction into meeting the right person again, and a great platform for getting out and being sociable. That is why we have made our website completely safe and as discreet as you want it to be. We use the best in security and protection technology to make sure your account is safeguarded and protected from hackers and scammers.

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