There are hundreds of single mums in Wirral. Because of this, we decided to make a website that would help all of these ladies find more love and romance in Wirral. If you are a single mum who is interested in meeting new people, then you have come to the right place.

“I signed up to this site because I wanted to meet someone who would accept the fact I had children. I have been on so many dates with guys who loose interested the minute I talk about my kids. I can see them glaze over. I decided that if I signed up to a dating site that was explicitly for mums, then I would find a genuine connection with someone who likes the fact I had children.

I have found that most of the people on this site are parents and that works perfectly for me. I realised that that is where I have been going wrong all this time. I have been dating men who are single whereas I needed to be meeting men who had children.

You see, if they have children, then they will not care if you do. I do not know if I am explaining this very well.”

Meet single parents near you

WirralWe have hundreds of single parents who are signed up to this unique mum dating site in Wirral. Even though the place is called find single mums, it is not geared towards helping men more than helping women. We just figured that if you we called the site find single mums, it would appeal to the mums and well as the dads.

In fact, we have more women signing up to this dating site than men.

The issue most people who are single have is that they only ever hang out with people who are already in a relationship. The first step is to “get out there” and start meeting people in the same situation as you.

This is where the site helps. We can instantly introduce you to hundreds of people in your area who are all in the same situation as you seeking romance.

Hundreds of single mums

The first thing we ask you to do when you sign up to this site is fill in your profile. We are aware that no one wants to meet up with someone when they do not know what they look like. This doesn’t mean that as soon as you put an image up, everyone is going to judge you on your appearance. It just means people will write back when you write to them.

Testimonial off one of our members.

“I have lived in Wirral my entire life, and I am a single mum. I found this website to be simple, easy to use and fun. I have met a few different men who are all lovely and currently findsinglemumsdating someone called Dan. I can vouch that this site works and I wish I had signed up for it earlier.

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  • Safe and secure with the latest dating technology
  • Dedicated phone support incase you have trouble
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