Single Mum Member Testimonials

Today we want to share with you a slightly different type of blog post. Every now and again we ask our lovely members to write in with their personal accounts of using our website and service so we can build them into some member testimonials to share with anyone thinking about joining our site.

Once again we were swamped with responses by our amazing community, we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your experience with us. It’s so heart warming and humbling to read that so many of you are finding exactly what you want using our single parent dating site. We want to thank you for your ongoing commitment and for making this website so much fun and so much better than anything else like it.

Lionel, 33, Bradford

meet single dads“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I joined – I have never used a dating site before, and to be honest never really thought I would be using one as a single parent! It’s been a tough road since the separation of my child sweetheart, and I wasn’t sure I would ever fully heal. The good news is that all the members in this community are all lovely, considerate and supportive. They all understand that we have come from difficult pasts but at the same time are prepared to make a new future. After I joined it didn’t take long to start engaging with other  members, what I really love is that the platform offers an advanced search feature so you can be really selective about the type of members that appear.”

David, 45, Leicester

find single dads“I’ve been using this dating site, specifically for meeting single parents for nearly a year now. It’s helped me build my confidence and realise I’m not on my own. What really surprised me about this website compared to similar ones I have tried, is that everyone was so welcoming and friendly. There is no bloated egos or superficial princesses here, everyone is truly down to earth and not looking to play childish mind games or mess about. I know the site uses a profile moderation system that evaluates every member that want’s to join, to make sure they are genuine and fit the specification of the site, I think this is a huge advantage!

Claire, 29, Swansea

Single mum from Swansea“I really love this site, it’s completely lush! Everyone is so kind and friendly. I used to laff when my friends told me about online dating, but after only using it for a couple of weeks I’m absolutely hooked! As a young single mum I felt a bit like no one would want me because of having a kid. But after joining this site I’ve met loads of hot guys that love the fact I have a daughter and are all really interested in not just meeting me,but also her! I found this site by doing a Google search, it comes across as being real authentic and is clearly run by a serious UK phone number, as I have rung their support team that are always so helpful and patient with me, which trust me takes a lot!”

Thank you to everyone who wrote in and shared their testimonial story with us. We are sorry if yours was not published, we promise to save it and will use it again when we do another one of these posts. We hope that this has helped give anyone thinking of joining us a vote of confidence. If you do have any more questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with us either by phone, email or commenting on this post :)


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