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It’s that time of the month again where we bring you another selection of real member testimonials from our lovely single mums and dads that have, or are using our site to meet that special new single person in their life. The great thing about sharing these real member testimonials is that it gives anyone considering trying our site that little bit more confidence and understanding as to what makes our site so popular and successful. We really do love hearing what you have to say about single parent dating service so please keep sending in your experiences for us to share, as we really can’t get enough of them!

real-testimonials-1Later we married in Thailand and now live in Vietnam

We met online – she was a workaholic from Tehran, Iran – never lived anywhere else but worked for a company doing work internationally. I am an American and have lived in Kuwait over 8 years so I am used to things Middle Eastern. Our first encounter was in Istanbul where she walked my legs off during the day and at night we visited on the terrace of our hotel in the historic district of Istanbul. I had given her my word of honor that I would be… read more >>

Steve and Elaine

real-testimonials-2Once again thank you

We meet on the 14 of june 2007 When Jenny  sent me a message. I was a little scared to reply at first as I thought a pretty girl could never take a intrest in me after my ex left me and the 3 kids. But I finally got up the nerves and replyed we started talking and found that we have a lot in common from our sense of humour and even our star signs and that family life was all that mattered to us both. We had bad pasts but our futures looked bright… read more >>

Ted and Jenny

mum dates dadI met my beautiful boyfriend online!

i found my ideal partner the first guy i contacted was the guy that i’m ulltimatley with, we talked for a while and i had a feeling that this guy was too good to be true and just wasting my time so i was cautious, and was cautious for some time. Well we met and got to know each other slowly and moved in together, as we lived close by anyway, another bonus. thanks to find single mums in the UK.. read more >>

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