single mum in LondonIf you are living in London and you are a single mum or dad who is on the lookout for a new partner, this might be the perfect site for you. London is the biggest city in the UK, and it is probably the number one place to meet other single mum and dads in the UK.

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The issues of meet men as a single mum

I have several people asking me to go out on a date, but they do not know I have kids. There is always that awkward moment where I have to tell them I am a mum. They instantly then start wondering if I am having an affair. Whether my husband died, whether I am divorced, how many children I have?

The list goes on, and I can see all of these thoughts running through men’s heads as we are chatting. They are instantly nervous that I am going to need them to support me. I hate it. I came online, I thought to myself. If I did some online dating, I could write on my online profile in London that I am a single mum and explain everything there.

Find a website that caters to single mums

single and living in LondonMy next thought process was, why not sign up to a site which specialised in matching single mums with me. I am more than happy to meet a man who is also a dad or just meet a man that is happy to date a single mum in London. I stumbled upon this site within a few moment of searching. It looked perfect, and the reviews looked great. I was reading a comment about how all the men were respectful, and most of them were also single dads. That is perfect for me and exactly what I was looking for. I signed up and started to chat to some of the handsome men on the site. They were lovely and were interested to know more about my situation and my kids etc.

I am now dating this one guy called Phil. He has children too and is lovely. He is eager to introduce our kids to each other but is not pushy and is happy to wait until I am ready as he knows I don’t want to mess my kids around.

If you are a single mum and interested in meeting other like-minded people in London then sign up today for your free trial.

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