How to cope with a big family break up

member-8Every single day here at we have hundreds of new single parents join us all looking to meet that new special person. Everyone who join us has a slightly different reason for taking that next step in their dating lives. A large majority of new members feel ready to get back on the dating scene again. Some have waited years to feel ready, we know and understand that a break up with a loved one, the father or mother of your children is never an easy situation for anyone involved. It is very common to feel complete guilt and responsibility towards your children, this is very normal, and unfortunately nothing can really be done to avoid hurting them temporarily. However, this will pass, and after a few years of routine and understanding they won’t feel the same pain and sense of loss as perhaps they once did.

member-7If you have, or are going through a big break up, we suggest sitting down as adults, putting your differences to one side whilst you talk seriously and openly on how you can navigate your situation so you cause as little, or no stress to your children. We have heard a lot of times that through the most turbulent of phases, selling the house, moving out, splitting up your assets, a lot of parents will send their children off to live with other family members or close friends for this duration. This will not only help your kids cope better, but also give you the space and time you need to resolve matters with your partner, and won’t be an added stress on you as you try and work through this dramatic and confusing period in your life.

We can promise you whatever you are going through in terms of a breakup, it will get easier, and it’s important to keep telling yourself that. When you are feeling at your worst, things can only get better, and what hurts today, won’t hurt as badly tomorrow, or the day after, and within a few months, maybe even a year you and your children will all be in a much happier place.

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