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When you first sign up to a dating site, whether it’s targeted at single parents or not, it can be quite overwhelming when you see how many potential singles are available for contacting and possibly dating. On one hand you feel pleased with the amount of choice you have on offer, but on the other hand it can also can feel like you have a mountain of people to climb, before you find the matches you’re after.

Well do not worry, help is at hand with! We have built an intelligent and slick advanced search tool that will help you find the exact type of mum you want to contact and meet. This tool is incredibly easy to use, and takes less than 2 minutes to utilise. However to make sure you get the most out of it, we are going to run you through a very basic step-by-step guide on how it works, and how you can take advantage of it.

Step 1: Navigate to the Search Tool

Step one


The first thing you will want to do is navigate your way to the page where you can use this search tool. Do that by clicking the second link from the left, in the top green navigation bar. The link you want to be clicking is called ‘Search’. If you hover of that link you will be presented with two additional sub menus, from these two, click the top one called, ‘Search Members’. This will take you to the search page where we can start filtering our results.

Step 2: Take a look at your current search volume

Step TwoOnce you are on this page you will see that (by default) a huge populated list of single mums is available for you to look through just using the default search criteria. This list of 95,253 members  is built on the following filters, Age: 25 – 45, Location: Anywhere, Has a photo: Yes. With just these 3 filters selected we are generated a list just shy of 100,000 members. Now if you had an eternity to find what you were looking for, you could start going through every page of these mums, note down the ones you like the look of, message them, and probably, eventually date a few of them. However the problem is, we are busy people, living busy lives, so we don’t have an eternity, we are used to things moving at a fast rate. So to help speed up this process of finding the mums you want to see, we are going to start using some Filters to shorten the amount of members presented, and give us a list of people we are happy to contact right now.

Step 3: Start Adding your custom Filters

Step Three

Okay, so now we are ready to start adding some of our own custom filters to help us populate a list of members that really suit our tastes and preferences. On the left hand side of the Search Page is a green button called, ‘Add Filter’ – clicking this will bring up a sub menu to the right of it with a whole host of custom filters you can add into your search. You have filters like, Education, Hair Lenght, Height, Type of Build, even things like if you want them to Smoke, or Drink. There is an absolutely huge list of options here. Just to be clear, even though Children is an option in the list of filters, unless you change it, you will only see single mums with children.

Add you custom Filters and start contacting members.

Step ThreeOkay, so let’s say for example you live in London, so ideally you only want to meet people from around this location. So you add London into the top location field. You are 36 but want to meet a younger, single mother, so you change your age group down from 45, to 35, so now you are only searching for mummies who are between the ages of 25 and 35. On top of that you want to meet an educated woman who has achieved a degree in her education, but you are also really into blondes so you want to meet someone with blonde hair. So you add these two filters in your customer filter and voilà! You are presented with a list of 48 members who match your search criteria. Now of course, nothing suggest you are instantly going to make a connection with all 48 of these single members, but you’re going to feel more confident and happy starting with a list of mums you instantly have an attraction too.

We hope you have found this step-by-step tutorial interesting and highly recommend you do take advantage of custom search filtering as it really will enhance your dating experience if you join our sites.

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