Dating Single Mums: A guide for guys

Hello there,

Today we want to address a particular topic that won’t apply for every single male that joins our service. We have a lot of men join us every day, all with different backgrounds and lifestyles, a lot of them have children, but also a lot do not. And this post is to help those guys who want to meet single mothers but don’t have kids of their own. Think of this as an informative guide to help give you guidance when wanting to date a single mum.

First thing to remember

Enjoy family life at you are looking for dating and a future relationship with a mother then you need to be prepared to not only take on her kids, but also her ex partner who will be forever lurking in the background – if they are still in contact. These are fairly big responsibilities and commitments, so you need to be sure in yourself that you can accommodate such eventualities in your life, and within your personality. If these realisations hit you with a pang of dread and fear, then we would probably suggest that embarking on this type of dating experience, isn’t going to work for you.

Although none of this need be a problem. In fact if you are sure in yourself and your capabilities of handling children, then having a few of the scamps running around in your life can actually be extremely rewarding and a hell of a lot of fun. If you are good with her kids, then you’ll find a way to her heart, quicker than any romantic dinner for two would ever get you. The other benefit is that spending time with her and her kids means you’ll always have something to do, an activity to try, or a day out lined up. We guarantee that  having children in your relatoionship will never make for a dull day, and you won’t fall into the trap, that so many couples do, of wishing you didn’t waste that weekend watching crappy TV.

Take time to bond with her kids

Chances are, if you’re a single guy free of commitment, then you’ve probably never had to handle children of your own. Earning the respect, love and attention of someone else’s child takes time and dedication, but if you follow these steps you should get there a lot quicker.

Dealing with their ex partner

You need to take into consideration that the mothers ex is probably going to have something to say about your new involvement in their family life. Depending on what the breakup circumstances were, he might feel threatened, intimidated or jealous at your presence. However, he might seem welcomed by having you around, especially if he didn’t want to be in the relationship any longer – although the latter of these happening is probably the rarest outcome. Try following some of these little tips to help you deal with any scenario you might find yourself facing when dealing with ex-partners.

We hope that you found this guide useful. Hopefully if you are embarking on this type of relationship we have helped give you some useful tips and advice to remember and try during any scenario you face. The main thing to remember is that a mothers intuition is always  right, so if she has opened up her family for you to be part of, chances are she has every faith and trust in your commitment and character. All the best, Find Single Mums Dating Team

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