About Us

Who we are:

FindSingleMums.co.uk is an online dating service dedicated to helping single parents find friendship, dates and romance all across the UK. This site, as the name might suggest, is a tailor made experience for guys looking to find a single mum. We first established ourselves in the UK in 2006 and instantly saw single mums and dads were attracted to the service and experience we offered. After two years we had seen over a thousand happy couples leave our website to embark on a new life together.

What our mission is:

We have a very simple mission and goal here at findsinglemums.co.uk - To help single parents find that new special someone who they can share their life and their children's life with. A family break up is a devastating time for anyone, especially the kids who are involved, that have to see their mummy and daddy go separate ways. It can take a long time for parents to heal from this wound, but eventually they do, and once they have we want to be here for them. To offer an open and honest environment where they can connect with millions of people who understand their situation and offer them friendly support, or the chance to get back into the dating game. The great advantage of using an online dating site after spending a long time withdrawn from the idea of meeting someone new, is that you really can take it at your own pace. You have full control of your adventure, and can remain in complete control as you work out how far you want to take any online romance.

What our future plans are:

The future plans for us here is to keep pushing and promoting our service, to try and be there for more single parents, and generally spread the word about how we can help. We have opened up in four other countries around the world including, USA, Australia and New Zealand, and have plans to further expand into new territories that we feel would benefit from what we have to offer.

Thanks for taking the time to look at our great service. If you have any further questions please let us know by emailing or ringing us using the contact us page.

All the best,

Find Single Mums Dating Team