6 tips for surviving as a single parent – part 2

Hello dear readers! We are back with part 2 of our 6 tip survival guide for any single parent. Today we are going to be looking at the last 3 tips we want to share with you. We hope that you have found this article informative and helpful, as we understand that being a full time single parent is very hard.

The stress you can face, at times can feel more than any other test you  have been through in your life. But don’t worry, help is at hand, not just in helping you cope with your new situation, but also for helping you meet other friendly parents that share it.

happy-mum-looking-to-date-againMake sure you accept help

We know this tip will come easier for some than others. Some single mothers feel like because of the situation they found themselves in, possibly from the decisions they made to becoming a single mother – breaking up with a partner, choosing to be sole custody of their child out of wedlock, that they don’t deserve the help.

However this is not always the case. Our members are constantly writing in to us and letting us know how looking after their newborn has actually helped bring their family together, for the better.

Try to plan ahead for emergency situations

During the first few years of your child’s existence you are almost definitely going to find yourself in several stressful situations, so it’s better to pre-empt them now, so you feel more confident and secure in case they arise. For example, say your child has a fever and you’ve run out of ibuprofen, or you end up getting sick and you can’t look after your child to the best of your capabilities and you’re the only adult in the house… What do you do?

It’s vital that you’re prepared for these scenarios by finding out if there is an emergency babysitter in the area – or  for a cheaper solution, a friend or family member that is happy and able to drop what they’re doing at a moments notice to come and help you out. This can then lead you to create an ‘emergency list’. A collection of names and numbers of people that you’ll need on speed dial during an emergency. The best approach is to brief this list of why you need them, and the predicament you might be in. This will help  make that phone call at 3am to your best friend, all that more bearable!

Be creative about your childcare

single-mumWhat we are talking about here, is not just following the traditional structure of parenting. Come on guys, this the 21st century, times have changed – and in terms of child care, much for the better! Create a network of babysitters that you can use. Perhaps you have one for on-demand call-outs, sure it might be a bit pricey but if it’s the difference of you making that all important interview, or running out for a family crisis, it’s going to be worth every penny! You might have another who you use on a set time basis.

You could also try less traditional methods, how about offering a student free accommodation in exchange for babysitting / nanny duties? Of course you’ll need to be careful and detailed in your selection process, but if you find the right person this could really help become a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Another interesting solution that is easily overlooked is childcare sharing. If you know of someone else in the neigbhourhood, or next town, close enough to where you live – why not share the childcare duties? Maybe you go out and run errands on a Tuesday, leaving your child with your friend to look after, then on a Thursday you return the favour when she goes out by looking after her child. Arrangements like this can be a perfect solution for a network of mums, not just single ones.

We hope these helpful tips widen your knowledge and provide an interesting read to what can be done if you look outside the childcare box. Please do leave us a comment down below if you liked this article, found it useful, and would like to see more like it!

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