6 tips for surviving as a single parent – part 1

The journey parents embark on when having a child is one of rough seas and thundering storms, right down to clam stills and beautiful sunny tranquillity. However when this journey is taken solo, the highs and the lows are so much more severe and intense, that any extra guidance and extra help to make sure the ship is being steered in the right direction is duly welcomed. So with that said, we want to share with you 7 survival tips for single parents.

1. Take care of yourself

tips for single mumsThis doesn’t mean popping off for luxury spa treatments every weekend as you dump your kids with your mother, or anyone you can find who will have them! What we are talking about here are your basic needs. In our experience these are all too easy to forget about, even more so when you don’t have that significant other to help raise your awareness.

Sometimes it’s about sacrificing certain areas of your life for others. For example, would you rather have a longer, fuller nights sleep to wake up refreshed to tackle the next day with more energy, or would you rather spend two hours before bed cleaning up the house because you think it looks like a whirlwinds ripped through it?  To help yourself, sacrificing the timidness or your house would be a much greater benefit. Another area that we have found a lot parents see noticable benefits from is getting out the house and doing a little exercise. Not only is this great at clearing the cobwebs, it also helps raise your energy levels for the next day!

2. Meet other single parents

If you’re a single mum or single dad and find yourself cooped up at home like a caged chicken, only to be let out when you need to pick your kids up from school, then we suggest joining a single parent support group, or joining a parent community to meet and date other single parents. They’re a lots of offline groups available to you here in the UK, there is Gingerbread, Netmums and even travel clubs specifically targeted to you like, Single Parent Travel Club. And of course there is our own dating server, find single mums.

3. Don’t be too proud to accept help

single father dating siteThis advice can be absorbed easier for some single parents than others. Some single parents will admit that  they don’t always feel like they deserve to feel overwhelmed since they broke up with their partner and became a single cog. However this is not the right way to think about your situation, and in a lot of cases we find that your child can in fact bring your family closer together. The love and care you have for it, is easily accepted shared and experienced by the ones closest to you, so never feel too ashamed or shy to ask for help.

Stay tuned for our next instalment of this article where share tips 4, 5 and 6.

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